Therapeutic Massage
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THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE SPECIALTIES offers everything from Deep Tissue Massage to Target Areas, using trigger point to myofascial massage. Tense muscles can cause chronic pain, our objective is to work on the problem muscles until they loosens.  Hot Stones or Moist Hot Packs are used at beginning of sessions to help with loosening tight muscles. Stretches are very important especially if you are sitting or driving all day and our stretching techniques are extremely beneficial. Contact us for massage therapy services today.

  • Deep Tissue Massages
    • A massage with more pressure
    • Gets Down to the Muscle Tissue

  • Myofascial Release
    • Fascia can become restricted and inelastic from trauma such as Accidents and Surgery
    • Restricted fascia pulls the muscle causing tightness, pain and limited movement
    • Use of Hot Packs, Hot Stones, stretches are combined to help loosen Contracted Muscles

  • Trigger Point
    • Locate the Center of the Tightness
    • Apply specific pressure on the trigger point (center point)
    • Therapist will hold It Until Muscle Releases on Its Own

  • Provide a Variety of Stretches
    • Computer Neck Stretches
    • Arm and Hand Stretches to help prevent Repetitive (repetition) Tunnel Syndrome Disorder
    • Benefits Your Back If You Sit Day or Drive All Day

  • Instructional Progressive Healing & Specialty Massages For:
    • Shoulders & Neck
    • Back Massages
    • Scar tissue repair to prevent restrictions that may cause limited range of motion and chronic pain in the future.

  • I Work With People Suffering From:
    • Lymphatic Disorders (Lymph nodes fights against bacteria which attack our bodies) 
    • Fibromyalgia
    • TMJ & Headaches

A massage makes the perfect gift. We have gift certificates available.

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Specialty massage rates vary. Call for details.

Therapeutic Massage Specialties
Toll Free: (888) 501-3786
Office: (210) 617-4324
Fax: (210) 617-4325

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