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Hello, we just started collecting stories from our customers.  Here is the first one....


Hi, My name is Steve.  I'd like to tell you about my long struggle to find relief for my headaches and neck / shoulder pain.  I went about 25 years of my life wondering what does it feel like to have a headache.  I heard many people complain about them.  Well, one year while in the army and taking a written test I got one!!!  It was a bad one!!  I barely managed to get through the test and pass.  After that time my headaches got much worse, especially after getting a very stressful job.  Adding to that was a very difficult time in my personal life (but that's another story).  I went years just taking aspirin type medicines, then finally going to doctors.  All they could do was offer prescriptions to help with the pain.  I went as far as going to a neurologist to prescribe migraine meds when it got really bad.  I thought i was going to die when i had my first one.  Had no idea what was going on with me.  It got really bad!!!  Finally, by the grace of GOD, doing tons of research I found an article somewhere with symptoms like the ones I was having.  It was dealing with TMJ (Jaw joint disorder).  I didn't feel I had anything wrong with my jaw but I had many of the same symptoms.  I googled "TMJ" and ran across this website.  I thought, "I'll give it a try and if I feel better then that must be what I have."  Words cannot explain the kind of relief I felt when Norma was finished working my neck, shoulder, head, and jaw muscles.  SHE WAS AWSOME!!  She explained to me that the treatment was going to hurt because I had severely tight muscles.  She took her time and explained everything.  I will always remember what it felt like to feel my head finally feel like it wasn't wound in a million super tight rubber bands.  No kidding, that's how tight things were.  Didn't realize until she started working them.  Of course, one treatment wasn't going to fix everything so I went back for more sessions to continue the healing.  Since that time I have seen other massage therapist because they were covered under my medical, but nothing ever came close to what Norma did for me.  For that reason, I never cared about spending for being pain free.  It's a very small price to pay when you have dealt with the kind of pain I have had for several years.  Do yourself the biggest favor ever.  If you read all of this then you must be in severe pain to sit through my ramblings.  Give it a shot, I promise you won't regret it.  I know...

More to come as we collect them from our customers...

July 01, 2008
I have been going to Therapeutic Massage Specialties for about 3-4
years.  Being busy, living a stressful life causes  severe muscle pain for
me, and being in pain is no fun. Norma's skills as a Massage Therapist
are highly recommended for people who are seeking conservative
treatments, and pampering.  I have benefited from the massages, and I will
continue to seek the treatments. Thank you Norma for taking care of me. 


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