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Hot Stone Massage

When deciding which type of massage to opt for, you must be thinking about how it can aid your body. You want to find something that is going to enable you to find relaxation and rest, just as much as it can help you to heal the tension and stress within your muscles. Moreover, for some people, things like circulation need to come into question as countless people suffer from weaker blood flow. And, if you know that you are one of them, we think that there is always one stand-out treatment to choose. Hot stone massages are the ideal thing and could be key to unlocking a better feeling in your body. Luckily, at Milwaukee Massage & Healing, we offer an exquisite hot stone massage treatment, and we would be glad to show you just how effective it can be. 

What Can Hot Stones Do for Your Body? 

When heated to the perfect temperature, hot basalt stones help to improve the circulation in your body. They make each massage that bit more effective and offer unique health benefits. Better blood flow means more positive recovery, greater relaxation, and many improved bodily functions which you may otherwise miss. At the same time, it can increase your metabolism and melt away tensions and minor pains, helping greatly with recovery processes and aiding restfulness. 

Upper Body Hot Stone Massage 

So, if you think that a hot stone therapy would be beneficial for your upper body, allow us to bring it to you. Our team delicately applies hot stones to precise points along your body, including your upper and lower back, neck, and shoulders. Then, we will follow this with indulgent Swedish massage strokes, which will have accentuated effects due to the impact of the hot stones. This will allow us to relieve tension and knots with greater success and leave your body in a much better state, in a shorter amount of time. 

Full-Body Hot Stone Massage 

On the other hand, if you know that your entire body demands this same kind of treatment, we would be glad to offer you our full-body treatment. In addition to your back, neck, and shoulders, we will align stones along your hips and legs, treating the highest action areas of the body. Then, we will again apply our expert Swedish massage methods and alleviate any stresses that have been able to linger behind. 

Couples Hot Stone Massage 

Our therapists truly believe in the added abilities of relaxation, provided by hot stones. They give a feeling like no other and we have found that this really resonates with couples. In our opinion, they are a tool for romanticism and one, which deserves to be shared. So, if you would like to take advantage of our hot stone therapy with your partner, we would be glad to make it happen. Simply let us know how deep you would like your treatment to be, and our specialists can take care of the rest.

woman having a stone massage
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