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Prenatal Massage

Your body goes through considerable change when you fall pregnant. Aside from the baby growing in your womb, your posture changes, the strain on your muscles grows, and the risk of injury can become much greater. Smaller tasks are more difficult and the pains that you feel are unique. But when it seems like nothing does a good job at taking away these strains, a prenatal massage certainly will be able to. When performed correctly, using proper techniques and a curated approach, a prenatal massage can be liberating. Not only can it help you to feel physically better, but it can put you in a much stronger mental position, for the weeks ahead. So, if you think that a prenatal massage should be a part of your new schedule, we would be glad to provide you with our world-class treatments. 

 Customized Prenatal Massages 

 At Milwaukee Massage & Healing, we have helped countless expecting mothers over the years, offering them beautifully customized prenatal massages. Our sensitive team of specialists takes a great deal of care with all our pregnant clients, responding to their precise needs and bodily demands. No other time in your life will demand so much of your body and that is why we think that there is no more important massage one can seek out. Just allow us to display our expertise and we can assure you that you will walk out our doors feeling better for it. 

 Prenatal Swedish Massage 

 Our therapists primarily apply Swedish massage techniques to our prenatal clients, as we mainly aim to target adhered tissue and existing muscular weaknesses. We will account for some of the most commonly afflicted areas, such as your back, hips, obliques, shoulders, and legs, each of which bears much strain during pregnancy. Then, we will curate the rest of your treatment based on individual tension areas that you feel, making sure that we can relieve each with the utmost efficacy. And, by the end of it all, we hope to both alleviate your pains and provide you with real, much-needed relaxation. 

 Assuring Your Comfort and Safety 

 Of course, your body is a different shape and size during pregnancy. Simply lying down or positioning yourself incorrectly can lead to great discomfort and sometimes even pain. We never wish this on any of our clients and that is why we go to every effort to ensure your safety and comfort. We will always have you positioned on your side and if you need supportive cushions, rests, pillows, or even uniquely positioned holes, we will ensure that they are provided, too. 

 Ongoing Treatment Plans 

 And, to make sure that you can continue to reap the benefits of a prenatal massage, we would be glad to offer you an ongoing treatment plan. If you are happy with the success of your initial treatment, we can organize for long-term solutions to be put in place. Consistent prenatal massages make pregnancy easier, and we are determined to do just that, for as many expecting mothers as we can do. 

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