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Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is perhaps the most common kind of massage therapy chosen by our clients, today. It chiefly serves the purpose of breaking up the adhered tissues in your body, namely known as knots, in order to relieve tension. Knots can stop your body from achieving fluid mobility and can even cause you discomfort and pain, when not properly dealt with. So, by having a Swedish massage therapy tailored to the needs of your body, you give yourself a treatment that is guaranteed to help you feel your best. It is both deeply relaxing and revitalizing, making it the perfect thing for any hard worker, athlete, or simply a lover of bodily peace. And, when you have yours provided by our specialist therapists, you know that it is going to have the greatest positive benefit on your body. 

Curated Swedish Massage Techniques 

At Milwaukee Massage & Healing, we only ever give our clients Swedish massages when they have been effectively curated to meet their needs. Everybody has differing ailments and strains in their body, each of which could be relieved through such a technique. So, we spend time discussing your needs during the massage and target them progressively. In doing this, we stand the best chance of relieving all knots and allowing your muscles to return to a natural, neutral state. 

Upper Body Swedish Massage 

So, if you know that your tensions have been lying deeply rooted in your upper body, our upper body Swedish massages are going to be for you. One of our anatomical specialists will assess your adhered tissue and apply direct pressure to them. Through a combination of stimulating and relaxing strokes, kneads, and rhythmic tapping, we can release tension quickly and loosen the knots. Be it for your back, your shoulders, or even your arms, we know it will never be long before we have reset your muscles to a healthy state. 

Full-Body Swedish Massage 

Or, if you have been putting your entire body to work over the recent weeks and months, we will always insist on a full-body Swedish massage. Tensions can extend throughout your body, especially across key muscles and tendons. So, by taking the time to treat your entire body, you stand the best chance of relieving them entirely. Just leave it to our team of professionals and we will have no troubles identifying the right approach to take to relieve every knot in your body, from your shoulders to your feet. 

Achieving Pure Relaxation 

Ultimately, our goal is to achieve relaxation for you, through this curative process. A Swedish massage should give the perfect balance between both rest and relaxation, and muscular recovery. It should deal with key areas of mobility that cause you subtle difficulties and pains, which inhibit your relaxation. So, by the end of every treatment, we hope to always leave you feeling calm and ready to face the coming strains of the weeks ahead. Just be sure to let us know how we can do that best for you and we will make sure it is done. 

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