From Soft Tissue Massage for Headaches to a Leg and Foot Treatments, TMJ (jaw pain), Neck and Shoulder problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back pain. Therapeutic Massage Specialties does it all! We have 13 years of experience in massage therapy services. All of my training has been for chronic conditions.

Customers say that they have been to many therapists trained in massage, however, some people say they feel a special gift in my skills. If you are in chronic pain, or just want quick release, I am here to help alleviate your pain, to educate you about your muscles, what could be causing this condition, what to do for yourself at home to conquer your pain. Unfortunately I do not accept medical insurance at this time, but offer reasonable and affordable rates. Personal Injury Protection (PIP auto) insurance is accepted.


$10 off your first 1 Hour MASSAGE

Please leave a message, I may be serving a client. I will return your call when available

Office: 210-771-3236 **If no message left, no phone call returned.

Email: info@therapeuticmassagespecialties.com

Address: 11659 Bandera Road Suite 120

San Antonio, Texas 78250

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